How do I answer that?

You have worked so hard on your education, you perfected your resume and you finally get the call.  You have an interview.  This is the time to start REALLY preparing!

Ask who is going to be conducting the interview.  Research the interviewer.  Research the company.  Gain an understanding of the culture at the company by asking current employees.  Understand fully the position you are applying for and last but not least prepare for unpredictable interview questions.

Most interviewers ask about your education, your work history, accolades that you hold, and your community involvement.  But, what if they ask who your favorite superhero is?  Or how many ping pong balls will fill up a 10’ x 20’ pool?  You may even be asked to demonstrate a sales pitch.  What do you do?

When throwing these questions at you, interviewers are not seeking a correct answer; they are simply trying to understand how you work under pressure, your thought processes, or what makes you tick.  Remain cool, ask questions if it will help, and do the best you can.  More than likely all interviewees will be asked the same questions, so use this opportunity to show who you are and how well you can handle a curve ball!

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