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Volunteering and Community Involvement

When looking for a new job, many people begin the process by reflecting on their career path, what they have done to get to where they are.  Each person prioritizes past accomplishments differently.  Many are proud of their education, whether it is the level completed or the institution that they attended.  Others are proud of the work they have done, perhaps a project that they managed that achieved success and publicity, or taking a starter company to great heights.  What many people overlook are their accomplishments outside of their specific career area.

Many employers and hiring managers find value in a job applicant who is active within the community they live in.  Whether it is serving on a non-profit board, a member of a church organization, regular blood donations, or volunteering at the humane society, let that shine on your resume.  These involvements will show the hiring decision maker that you have passion and drive for not only work, but for your life and your community.  Your involvements can speak volumes about your work ethic and character, so let them!