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How to Stand Out when Applying for a Job

You are ready for a change.  You have your sights set on a career, and you have found that the job you have been waiting for is available.  What’s next?  How can you stack the deck in your favor?  Here are a few tips for modern job seekers.

Update your resume.  Make your resume job specific and easy to read.  Don’t be tossed aside by the hiring personnel due to a lengthy resume; take out the irrelevant job skills that you have and only include those that will benefit you in your current search.  Also make sure you include transferable skills that may have worked for you in one way at your current position but can set you apart in the position you are applying for.  For example, if you are currently a customer service representative and deal with a variety of personalities and issues you could easily relate that to your new goal, outside sales.

Do not underestimate the cover letter!  It is very important to showcase yourself and should not be overlooked.  The cover letter is where you can show a little personality.  Keep it simple and direct, but use the opportunity to introduce yourself, explain how you heard about the opening and why you are the perfect choice for the job.  Don’t forget to add your contact information and thank the hiring professional for his/her time and consideration.

This is the age of social media.  Most job seekers have a Twitter, Klout, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, etc. account.  Before you put your resume out there, make sure your sites are clean.  Remove any pictures that could prove to be detrimental to a possible hire, remove any negative feeds, notes or comments.  Keep your pages professional and appealing to a hiring manager.

Last of all think about designing a personal website to showcase your professional traits.  Very few people have personal websites, and the use of one can really help you showcase your strengths and stand out from the crowd.  Make sure your website is 100% developed and you have proofread it (twice) before making it live and putting it on your resume.  A poorly done site could negatively impact you and that is obviously not the goal.

Using these tips you are sure to land that dream job you have been thinking about!

Sell Yourself and Your Skills

How do you make your skill set, job history, volunteering, hobbies and education work for you when job hunting?  You just need to know how to make your skill set applicable to the career that you are applying for.  Many positions have similar needs; such as, good customer relationship building, time management, and problem solving.  These skills may be attained in a variety of settings, from nanny jobs, serving/waitressing, supervising, project management, study groups, teaching, etc.  Thus, they can be applied to many different jobs as a valuable skill.

To start, look at the job that you are seeking and identify three important abilities that will be needed to perform the job functions.  Then look over your skills and describe how and where you got them and how they will be beneficial in the job and environment that you are applying for.  Always use a customized cover letter and resume proving your points on how you will be a perfect fit for the job.  By customizing your skills you increase the relevancy of them and your fit for the job while decreasing the importance of areas you may not be as strong in, such as education or job history.

Job Tips for Relocating

Moving is not an exciting life experience, it’s painful to say the least. The last thing you want to add to a chaotic move is a long drawn-out job search.  To lessen the burden of your job search all you need is a little strategy. Here are a few strategic tips to make applying for jobs a little easier in your new location.

Get to know your surroundings: You don’t necessarily have to pull out a map and study every turn and dead-end street, but driving around your new neighborhood is a great way to keep you from getting lost and seeing what types of companies are near you. Most people want to work near where they live, so getting the lay of the land is the first step in that process.

Make friends: Whether you make friends through a hobby, or just get to know your neighbors using your favorite apple pie recipe, your social network can be the key to getting your next job. Job openings are often made known to current employees before they’re ever listed, and if the jobs listed already, having an employee referral will definitely help you get your foot in the door.

Look to ol’ reliable: There have been enough changes in your life; your job is one place where you can stick to what you know. Look for jobs with similar responsibilities to what you’ve done in the past. Past experience is something every employer looks for on job applications.

Update your information: It’s something a lot of people over look, but if you’re applying for jobs online, you’ve got to remember to update your contact information. If you leave an address on your profile or resume that is several cities or states away, an employer may not call you back because they think your application is a mistake, or that you won’t want to make that awful commute for very long.