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Using Technology to Help with Your Job Search

You are ready to find a new career path, you have possibly even thought about your ideal job, but, you are completely overwhelmed at where to start.  Being a job seeker this day and age has its advantages.  There are so many resources we can thank technology for; online job boards, easy to access resume and cover letter templates, using email to send and follow up on your resume, and social media and networking sites.  The question is do you know how to best utilize it?

When you are looking for work, make sure you use all local, regional and national job boards you can find.  Some are better than others, so do your research in your area; ask friends, colleagues and people you know who have recently switched jobs.   Searching should be free to job seekers, so if you come across a fee based site, make sure the website is legitimate and the information posted is worth the fee.   Also use your social media reach to ask your network for job openings that they are aware of that may not be posted to the general public.

Once you have found some listings that you want to apply for, it is time to refine your resume and cover letter.   There are some amazing templates available online, or even within many word processing programs.   Use the online dictionary and/or thesaurus if you are struggling to find the right verbiage.  You don’t have to be a linguist; you just have to be thorough.

Once you have tweaked, snipped, upgraded and polished your resume, you are ready to send it out to the hiring managers for the positions you previously found.  Be sure to have a professional email address even if this will not be something you regularly use.  Your email address could be the very first impression that you give to the people hiring, you want to make sure that it is serious and thought out.

For more technological help, check out some of the latest calendar and resume building apps.  Best of luck!

Writing a Job Ad to get you Noticed

Your company has a job opening with no interest from job seekers.  Is it possible that your job ad could use some help?  Here are some tips to writing effective ads for hiring the right person the first time:

Use an Informative Job Title
The job title really isn’t the place to get creative.  The job title is the first piece of the puzzle that job seekers see and will make a quick decision on whether or not to read on.  Use a title that best describes the position and utilizes common keywords (ex:  sales, accounting, customer service).

Explain Your Company Culture
What makes your company so great to work for?  Explain your company culture and highlight your signature attributes in your job ad.  This job ad is, after all, an advertisement for your company.  Highlight perks offered, unique benefits and why anyone would love to work for your company.

Give a Descriptive Job Summary
Represent a full scope of the functions the successful candidate will be completing as well as what their role will be within your company or organization.  Don’t just list tasks, make it all encompassing and inviting.

Describe What Your Company Needs
While most applicants know that you are not going to find someone that meets all of your expectations in an employee, if you are clear about the skill set that is necessary to perform the job and which additional skills would be valuable, you will cut down on the time it takes to sift through résumé’s after you place your ad.

Group Information
There is a lot of information to include when posting a job, but a complicated posting can deter job seekers from reading or applying.  Keep your information grouped in a logical manner using bullet points and breaks to make it easier to read and follow, as well as bold, italics and underlines to make it appear more interesting.

Make it Easy to Take Action
Once you have the attention of candidates, you want to present an easy to execute way to apply.  This could be a direct link to an online application, an email to send a resume to, or use the site for a one click application for job seekers.

Share the Job Posting
After you have finished writing your job post, share the information on your network.  Post it to your social media sites, post it in your foyer, share it with your employees to re-post on their social networking sites and share it off of’s page.