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Holiday Bonus Alternatives

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it is a time for appreciation.  It is not only important to make sure you are hiring the right person, but it is equally important to ensure you are keeping your workers happy.  Holiday bonuses are not always feasible, but here are some alternative ideas for employee gifts this year.

  1. Paid time off (PTO) is a gift that is always appreciated.  You can give your employees a day off that they can use at their leisure.
  2. Breakfast or lunch can be a valuable gift as well as a chance for team building.  By providing lunch and a little downtime as a group it gives employees a chance to discuss happenings at work and build camaraderie that they may not otherwise have a chance to do.
  3. Stock the break room for the week.  You can fill the fridge with favorite drinks and the counters with fun holiday snacks for everyone to graze on.  A food day is an inexpensive way to show them you care.
  4. Send each employee a personal thank you card with something that they do that is important and special.
  5. Sign employees up for continued training in an area of interest to them.  By offering this as an employer, you are showing them that you support them in their work endeavors and back them with continued support and resources to perform their job functions.
  6. Offer your time to mentor them on a project that they are struggling with, or are having a difficult time starting.  This is a great way to connect to your employees and also to guide them.

It can be in any form you like, but this holiday season appreciation is a valuable gift to your employees and for your business.


Dressing Appropriately for an Interview in Winter

by Darlene Peer, Demand Media

A first impression can make or break an interview. That’s why it’s important to think ahead before you step out into that blustery, snowy winter weather. A winter job interview outfit needs to be warm and has to be able to make it to the interview still looking professional, no matter how slushy it is outside.

The Coat

When you arrive for your interview, your topcoat may make that vital first impression. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a professional-looking coat that fits well. Mid-thigh or longer is the way to go so the coat covers the bottom of your blazer or suit jacket. A nicely styled trench coat is a classic look. If you live in a colder climate, try to find a lined or woolen trench coat.


There are two ways to approach interview footwear. You may choose to purchase a nice, professional-looking pair of boots. Pick a neutral tone or classic black so the boots will match most outfits. White boots may be tempting, but salt stains and muck will not make a good impression. The other option is to wear boots or overshoes, carry business-style shoes, and change your footwear when you reach the interview. Just tuck your boots by the closet or the door. Either way, wear boots that will allow you to reach your interview safely. High heeled options may be appealing but you don’t want to show up for your interview covered with snow from a fall. No matter what the season, flip flops and sandals are not appropriate footwear for an interview.


If your favorite interview clothes feel a little too light for a winter interview, consider layering. Cover a sleeveless shirt with a sweater or add a shawl to a light blouse. Layering shouldn’t mean choosing baggy clothes that don’t fit well. Choose clothes that are suited to your figure and avoid seasonal sweaters with characters or landscapes on them. If the interview is for a company that prefers business casual, men may be able to get away with leaving the suit at home and wearing a blazer over a dress shirt.


Carefully consider the weather before setting out. Although you may not be a fan of hats and scarves, wearing them is better than showing up at the interview snow-covered and wet. You want the interviewer to pay attention to your answers, not distracted by watching the snow in your hair melt. If it’s windy, choose slacks over a skirt. Women should remember to apply waterproof makeup. If wearing a skirt, you may want to stick to nude or sheer black pantyhose, but an even better choice is opaque tights. Tights can make the transition from boots to pumps without losing their style.