Are you using assessments, yet? You should be and here is why.

iStock_000038327906LargeSeasoned hiring professionals understand that ongoing success depends on the quality of employees at all levels in an organization. But how can you be sure that you staff with employees who are the best cultural fit and brightest talent? In the broadest sense, there are multiple methods of improving employee job performance. Along with compensation and training functions, recruitment and hiring is implicit in the on-boarding and eventual success of the people in the organization and ultimately the company itself. But how can you be sure you are starting with the right people?

Modern employment assessment tools improve the selection of employees because they allow hiring managers to view numerous, relevant candidate qualifications and make better-informed hiring decisions. The analysis of specific qualifications leads to more accurate hiring decisions because more relevant information may be gathered prior to the interview as well as throughout the hiring process.

Using assessments will help you create an effective screening process that makes certain the applicant has the basic necessary experience and background as well as determining if they possess the core traits and attitudes you have found to be predictive of success in that job. 
Pre-Hire Assessments will alert you to counter-productive behaviors, and determine engagement, Job Fit and tell you how to train new employees.
You’ll find higher quality candidates before spending time interviewing them.

Post-Hire Assessments will help you coach for better performance, identify and develop leadership and determine Job Fit for promotions and lateral moves as well as help with outplacement.

All of this will help you to stay competitive.

In just a few you can find out how our assessments best meet your needs. Our assessments are affordable, deliver high quality and simplicity of use. Many clients are set-up and using their online accounts the same day.

If you would like to learn more about how assessments could help your organization, let us know and we’ll be happy to set up a demo for you to check it out! We can also provide you with specific samples of the information our solution provides for your particular industry or positions.

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