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brandingIn today’s world, one must continually be thinking about company branding. What thoughts do you want people to conjure up when they think about your company? Along with ease of use and a far reaching market, allows you to integrate your brand with your job posts and more! Use to place a graphic ad to grab the attention of other companies, or job seekers! With up to 100,000 impressions monthly, this is an extremely inexpensive and useful advertising tool.

On current job openings, be sure to upload a company logo and information about your company. By writing about the unique culture of your company, your family atmosphere, or flexible schedule, you could gain the upper hand in recruiting and land your next great talent! also allows you to link your jobs and company profile page directly back to a company website, if you would prefer to have applicants fill out their information there. This will allow for a consistent application look for all applicants. If you currently have a job board on your site, you can link directly to that from your profile, while still taking advantage of our applicant tracking system and recruiting tools!

Whatever your brand is, make it known! Use as a tool to profess who you are, and why you are the best at what you do.

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