Hiring Team Players

Are you ready to hire for your business or organization and are searching for a real team player?  There are behavioral questions that you can ask applicants to determine if they would be a good addition to a team.  Some examples are:

  1. Can you describe a team situation that was challenging and you were able to add value to the team by reaching a particular goal?
  2. Tell me about an instance when you had to discuss a difficult subject with a manager or team member that you knew could cause conflict.
  3. Have you been involved in a team project that did not turn out as you had planned or hoped?  How did you try to turn the situation around?
  4. How would you react and what would you do if you had a team member who was not contributing enough?
  5. Describe your best and worst experiences of working in a team.
  6. What is the most important thing you have learned from working on a team?  How did you gain this insight?

There are many more questions that can be asked than simply, do you get along well with others? It’s about asking probing questions which will garner responses that demonstrate the candidate’s ability or inability to exhibit the essential characteristics of team work.

Good luck with hiring your next team player.

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