How to Follow Up After You Submit Your Resume

Illuminated lightbulb amid dim bulbs - creativity and innovationFinding a career or job you are a great fit for at a company you have wand to work for can be hard to find. Once you do find this and apply, there is more to do to ensure you won’t go unnoticed.

1.      When you call, have your elevator pitch ready.

Oftentimes job seekers will call to ask if the hiring manager received your resume. To stand out, use this opportunity to stand out by building a rapport with the hiring manager.

2.      Use this time to let the hiring manager know you understand the company.

Employers like to hire people who are enthusiastic about their business. Do you research, understand the ins and outs of the industry and demonstrate that you know your stuff.

3.      Timing can be tricky.

When you follow up, be sure to do so at an appropriate time. Each employer operates differently, so you may want to wait 1-2 weeks after you submit your resume. However, if the ad states that the company is hiring immediately, you will want to reduce that time to 2-4 days.

Be careful not to waste the time of the hiring manger, or to oversell yourself. This is a critical time in the hiring process and putting your name in front of them not only on your resume but verbally can be very beneficial in your job search.

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