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Tips to Land the Job

It is imperative to stand out from the job seeking pack when you are applying for work. Each step is important; the application, resume and particularly the interview!  We suggest doing your homework on the company to be prepared and remember these helpful interview tips.

Providing References: If you plan to provide work and character references at the time of your interview, be sure to contact your references ahead of time.  Not everyone you respect and value will feel the exact same way about you. Be sure you discuss listing them as a reference before actually doing so. Discuss what they plan to say about you and update them on your current information and the position you are applying for.

Cell Phones: We all have cell phones and use them as a lifeline to our outside world. However, the interview is not the time for a surprising ringtone to go off. Always turn your phone OFF!  An interrupting phone call or text can ruin the positive energy of an interview.  Not even carrying your phone in would be even better.

Give the Gift of Time: Make sure you have the address of your interview destination before leaving.  If possible, drive by ahead of time so that you know how long it will take you, where you will park and any complications you will encounter on your way. If you will need money for parking, be sure to have that ready as well.

No Entourage: Leave your children at home.  Even when you are picking up an application, if at all possible, find a place for your kids to be during that time so that you can focus and show your professionalism. Applying for jobs can already be a high stress situation, don’t increase it by adding more to your plate. Focus on the task at hand, landing your dream job.

Run-through: Prepare responses to common interview questions ahead of time.  There are all sorts of resources available for this online.  Rehearse your responses in front of a mirror or with a friend, but make sure to practice, practice, practice!

With a bit of planning you can greatly reduce the possibility of surprises that will distract you from the task at hand, proving that you are the best fit for the position and company.

Tips for a Better Interview

Are you ready to wow hiring managers during your next job interview? If you aren’t sure, you better keep reading. Here are some excellent interview tips:

Have an outstanding resume.

Impressive qualifications are a must on any resume, but a list of key accomplishments may not be enough. Your resume appearance is important, as well as your attention to detail. An error free resume is absolutely necessary.

Gaps? Get rid of them.

Life happens, but you don’t have to broadcast it on your resume. If you went through a time that you did not have a full time position, fill the void with volunteer work, projects related to your field that you worked on or even unrelated work. Hiring managers are looking to hire a productive person.

Be honest

Most people have worked in a position that they don’t wish to highlight, or a company they are less than proud of, but have to include the information for resume continuity. If an employer asks you about this position, even if was less than positive, be honest. The worst thing you can do in an interview is to be caught telling an untruth.

Prepare for interview questions.

There are many questions you know you will be asked. You will be asked to tell the interviewer about yourself, you will be asked about your work history, your greatest accomplishments, your weaknesses and so on…be prepared. There will also be questions that take you by surprise, making it that much more important to prepare yourself for the standard interview questions.

Show who you are.

It may not be a good idea to enter with a joke right away, but a little personality will go a long way in an interview. Employers are working to determine if you will be a good cultural fit with the current team. Don’t be too rigid that you aren’t showing who you are. Find common interest points to discuss.

Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Always take the time to send a thank you note or email (determine which is best during the interview process, some companies don’t use a lot of technology) within 24 hours. Missing this step could make all of your effort thus far a waste. During the interview be sure to ask for an appropriate timeline to call to follow up about the position.

Interview Tips to Land the Job

TravelYour resume is polished and out there, you have been making networking connections like it is your full time job and you now you have landed an interview! After you congratulate yourself, panic sets in. Relax; proper preparation is all you need to ace this!

The more you prepare for the interview, the more comfortable and effective you will be interviewing.

1. Practice
Practice for your interview by preparing responses to typical job interview questions. Practice in front of a mirror so you can check your body language or with a family member or friend so you can receive performance feedback.

2. Prepare
Prepare to use specific examples to highlight your skill set. Provide evidence of your work successes to promote yourself as the best job applicant.

It is also important to have prepared questions to ask the employer when the interviewer asks.

3. Study
Research the employer and their industry to prepare yourself when/if you are asked, “What can you tell me about our company?”  Try to relate what you have learned about the company when answering your interview questions.

Remember the interviewer’s name and use it during the job interview.

4. Dress for the Job
When preparing for your interview, ensure you are dressed appropriately and that your appearance is neat and tidy.  If you are bringing a portfolio of your work, prepare it so that it looks professionally done and not something thrown together at the last minute.

5. Be Early
To be on time for an interview is to be ten minutes early. Prepare for this by driving the route you will take at the same time of day, prior to the interview. Know exactly where you are going in the building and who to ask for when you arrive.

6. Stay Composed
Before and during the job interview it is important to try to stay as calm possible. Your body language says as much about you as your answers to the questions you will be asked. If you prepare properly, you will naturally be more confident and comfortable in your responses.

Pay close attention to the questions being asked, listen to the full question. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer to show that you are taking the interview seriously and are focused. If you get thrown off your game, take a second to regroup. The interview isn’t a race.

7. Demonstrate Your Knowledge
When you answer the interview questions, relate what you know about the company and industry into your answers.  Work to match your career achievements to what the company is looking for in the position you are interested in.

8. Follow Up!
Always follow-up with a thank you note that restates your interest in the position. This is a perfect time to include details you did not have a chance to mention at the time of the interview. If you had multiple interviewers, send a personalized note to each of them. Electronic thank you notes are also acceptable if this is a form of communication your interviewer(s) is comfortable with.