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Am I Qualified for that Job?

Have you applied for a job that you feel under-qualified for?  What happens when you land an interview?  If you find yourself in this situation, there are simple steps you can take to sell yourself for a position you may lack some credentials for.  Here is how:

Research the job and company

Although duties typically change once you are actually in the role, looking at the job description before an interview is a great way to prepare.  Having solid, overall knowledge of the company’s product or service will also help you understand the areas of the position you will be able to excel at to highlight during your interview.

Also, try locating other individuals within the industry in a similar position.  Find their resumes and examples of their work if possible to gain insight into a typical day and to better understand what the duties of the role will actually look like.

Update your resume and cover letter to reflect the position

Many job seekers do not alter their resumes for each job they are applying for.  This is a mistake.  By customizing your resume for the job you are applying for you can include any transferable skill relevant to the position as well as areas you are involved in outside of work that would be an asset in the position you are interviewing for.  Be sure to include volunteer activities relevant to the position as well.

During the interview, highlight your relevant experience

Take the time during the interview to highlight the skillsets you do possess that the company is looking for.  Explain how all your other experience can also benefit the organization if you’re offered the role. Also, include information you have gained from your research to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the company, product/service and industry, which will help you be successful in the position you are interviewing for.

Be confident

Confidence is extremely significant. Even if you’re unsure about your background and/or qualifications for the role, be confident. Do your absolute best to sell yourself for the position, highlighting that you’ve already began conducting research about the company, possible team members and industry experts’ advice on what it takes to be successful in this kind of role.

Be honest.  If you don’t have the skills listed in the job description, explaining that you’re a quick learner who is always eager for a challenge and has a proven record of excelling on the job. Display that you’re confident in your abilities to do whatever it takes to benefit the company in this position.

Networking to Find Employment

Networking is not a new thing; it is a proven method of connecting with people in order to expand your career contacts.  As a job seeker, it is extremely important to attend networking events to continue to grow your professional network in a strategic manner.

Effective networking is a continual process.  Even if you are a happily employed individual, there is always the off chance of a layoff or downsizing.  Actively expand your connections and nurture the current relationships you have.

If you find that you are a naturally timid individual at social gatherings, it is important to find a mentor to help you become more comfortable in a networking setting.  Confidence is a key part of networking.  You must be able to sell your abilities if you are asked, but don’t oversell, this is an opportunity to connect, at this point.

Even though these events can feel awkward it is important to not become a wall flower. Make it a goal for you to connect with three people before you leave.  Make sure they are solid conversations and you leave with their business card.

Don’t ask for a job, ask for advice.  Smile.  Shake hands and make a good first impression.  Be friendly to everyone you come in contact with and always ask questions.

Stand Out in a Pile of Applications

You are ready for a change.  You have your sights set on a career, and you have found that the job you have been waiting for is available.  What’s next?  How can you stack the deck in your favor?  Here are a few tips for modern job seekers.

Update your resume.  Make your resume job specific and easy to read.  Don’t be tossed aside by the hiring personnel due to a lengthy resume; take out the irrelevant job skills that you have and only include those that will benefit you in your current search.  Also make sure you include transferable skills that may have worked for you in one way at your current position but can set you apart in the position you are applying for.  For example, if you are currently a customer service representative and deal with a variety of personalities and issues you could easily relate that to your new goal, outside sales.

Do not underestimate the cover letter!  It is very important to showcase yourself and should not be overlooked.  The cover letter is where you can show a little personality.  Keep it simple and direct, but use the opportunity to introduce yourself, explain how you heard about the opening and why you are the perfect choice for the job.  Don’t forget to add your contact information and thank the hiring professional for his/her time and consideration.

This is the age of social media.  Most job seekers have a Twitter, Klout, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, etc. account.  Before you put your resume out there, make sure your sites are clean.  Remove any pictures that could prove to be detrimental to a possible hire, remove any negative feeds, notes or comments.  Keep your pages professional and appealing to a hiring manager.

Last of all think about designing a personal website to showcase your professional traits.  Very few people have personal websites, and the use of one can really help you showcase your strengths and stand out from the crowd.  Make sure your website is 100% developed and you have proofread it (twice) before making it live and putting it on your resume.  A poorly done site could negatively impact you and that is obviously not the goal.

Using these tips you are sure to land that dream job you have been thinking about!