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Bring Your Power to Your Job Search

Quote-LauTzuYou are job searching, there is power in that. This is the opportunity to polish yourself and be the person you want. Develop your skills, refine your resume and grow your network. Here are some tips to find your power on the road to job search success.

Get your resume out there to be seen, but don’t spam it.

Applying for every job that you see may feel productive, but quality over quantity is very important in a job search. With CareerBum.com you can set up job alerts that notify you when a job matching your keywords has been posted, and then you can easily apply. Of course, we do recommend frequently reviewing the site as well.

Utilize your online resources to research the companies you are interested in working for and positions that you are qualified for. However, do not apply for multiple positions within a single company, keep your search focused.

Keep your resume fresh.

When job searching, it is an absolute must to have your resume online to easily send off in the digital world. With CareerBum.com we offer an easy resume upload, or you can enter your information for your profile. Either method makes it convenient to apply for multiple positions.

Include keywords in your resume that match the job description you are applying for. Make it easy for hiring managers to connect the dots between the position and your ability to excel in it. In addition to keywords, add your job skills and accomplishments that are being sought in the position you are applying for.

Be an online presence.

Hiring companies expect established professionals to have an online presence that is easy to find. If you have a history in the industry, but your online presence is not there, more than likely companies won’t be interested.

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important site to be an active member of.  Keep your profile updated with relevant industrial accomplishments, organizational involvement and portfolio pieces.

Keep your online image clean

Do a search on yourself and see what comes up, because more than likely that is what a hiring manager will do. Look at the images that show and if any of them are questionable or embarrassing, work to get rid of them. Change your Facebook privacy, untag yourself from questionable images or try burying it with positive content.

Keep these tips in mind when conducting a job search. In today’s world your online presences is vital to landing that dream job!

The Perfect Fit

As you job hunt and search for your next career opportunity, you may be asking yourself, “Is this position the right fit for me?” Beyond the company, the salary and your expectations, will the grass be as green as you think it is?  How can you make sure you are taking the next BEST step for your career?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, there are two types of fitness for an employee entering a new organization: Person-Job Fit and Person-Organization Fit.

Person-Job Fit
This concept suggests that a person must have certain core competencies for a particular position in order to perform the job to a satisfactory level. Often times when candidates look at job postings, they get attracted to the company name and the job title without taking an in-depth look at the core competencies required for the position. In most job descriptions, there are two types of competencies: essentials and desirables. The job the hiring company is seeking to fill cannot be performed without the essential competencies and the desirable competencies can be used to differentiate candidates. If the organization allows, ask if it would be possible to job shadow or ask someone you know who does a similar job to help validate whether you’d be a good fit for the position. To set yourself up for the maximum chance for success, make sure you have the Essential AND Desirable core competencies. To gauge whether you’d be a good fit, take an honest look at your values, personality, expectations, interests, goals, abilities, knowledge to see how they stack up before applying for a position.

Person-Organization Fit
Are you a good fit for the COMPANY and not just the position? Taking a look at your own personality and values and seeing how they line up against the company’s overall mission and operating philosophy is an important step to getting your foot in the right door and not just any door. When applying and/or interviewing for a position, research the company website and find out their organizational values and philosophy towards employees. Ask meaningful questions on the management style and opportunities for advancement within the company. Remember, you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you.

Before you begin assessing these levels of fitness for an opportunity, take some time and find out what’s important to you professionally. Make a list of five to ten key characteristics that are important to you and objectively rate them against a job you are considering. You can use the following list of questions to help get you started:

  • What salary are you expecting?
  • What’s your true passion?
  • Will you enjoy the work?
  • Will the job provide maximum satisfaction?
  • Is the company close to family?
  • Will the work be in demand in the future?
  • Is there advancement opportunities?

Finding your dream job can be challenging and sometimes even unrealistic. But if you take the time to logically evaluate an opportunity before jumping in, your chances of success will be greatly increased!

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