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Make Your Job Postings Count

Make the most out of your time, effort and money while ensuring that you will find the best candidate for your position.  These simple tips will help you find the perfect candidate for your jobs:

  1. Use common titles.  While many companies are coming up with creative and fun titles for their employees, the job posting isn’t the place to implement this.  Use clear and concise titles to show specific functions of the position.  For instance use the title Sales Associate as opposed to the futuristic possibility of Retail Jedi.
  2. Have clear and detailed job postings.  Use easy to understand language to write your job postings, but make it exciting and enticing.  Break up the text with bullet points.  Use underlines, bolding and italics to highlight the most important aspects of the job.
  3. Use keywords in your postings.  Within your ad the job title, company name and other related keywords should be used at least three times if possible.  For example:  If your job title is Sales Manager and your company name is ABC, Inc., the ad could read as follows:

Join ABC, Inc and become part of our growing team as a Sales Manager. The Sales Manager is responsible for growing new business and developing accounts within ABC, Inc.  If you have a knack for customer service and a history in sales, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.   Apply with ABC, Inc today!

  1. Be sure to utilize as many keywords as possible that relate to the position for search engines to use.  For instance, if you were posting an elementary school science teaching position some keywords would be:  education, classroom, K-12, curriculum, and science.
  2. Set-up alerts to be notified when a potential candidate uploads a resume with the skill set you are interested in.  Be proactive and contact these applicants if they appear that they will be a good fit for your company and position.
  3. Share your job postings on your social media sites and invite your fans to share them.  The more you spread the news the more likely you will be to find multiple good candidates to choose from.
  4. Post the pay so job seekers know if it is within their range, as well as anything that makes your company unique, such as culture or history to improve applicant traffic.

Remember, it is all about informing possible candidates and standing out from the masses.