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Sell Your Transferable Skills

Oftentimes during an interview, the interviewee is asked to describe his or her skill set.  This can be a daunting request to respond to, due having a multitude of skills and abilities to offer.  At CareerBum.com we recommend that you focus on the skills that are useful for the job you are interviewing for; your transferable skills.

Use your interview opportunity to really highlight your strengths and skills that would benefit the company and were directly sought after in the job ad.  Explain your aptitude with each skill set as well as a possible timeline in achieving it (ex:  I learned Microsoft Excel in high school, I took two classes on it in college and used it on a daily basis in my last position).

If you have other skills that were not directly asked for in the job ad, but you can clearly see would benefit the company, take the time to explain how and why you are the perfect person because of your experience and expertise.