The Modern Thank You

The interview is over; it is now time for the thank you note.  A thank you note is an absolute must!  One should be sent to each person you met with in the company you interviewed at.  The rule of thumb is within 24 hours of your interview.

The conventional method of sending a thank you note was via mail.  This practice is outdated and too slow.  The current recommendation is to send a thank you note via e-mail.  The note should be around a paragraph long.  Do not write an essay. Keep it brief, professional and courteous.

Sending a thank you within one day of your interview will ensure that your name stays fresh in the decision makers mind.  Write the thank you note in the body of the email, and do not use an attachment.  Personalize your message, and thank the interviewer for his/her time.  Proofread your e-mail twice before hitting send.

The bottom line is that a thank you note shows your appreciation, is a great way to keep top of mind in a long list of candidates, as well as shows you are a prompt and thoughtful person.

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